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greenshoe опцион

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Updated Apr 25, What is a Greenshoe Option? A greenshoe option is an over-allotment option.

Table of Contents: Компании, которые хотят выйти на рынок и начать продавать свои акции публике, имеют способы стабилизации их первоначальных цен на акции. Одним из таких способов является правовой механизм, называемый вариантом greenshoe. Инвестиционные банки и брокерские агентства андеррайтерыкоторые принимают участие в процессе обработки зеленых насаждений, имеют возможность использовать этот вариант, если общественный спрос на акции превышает ожидания, а акции greenshoe опцион выше цены размещения.

WWW was the first to issue this type of option. A greenshoe greenshoe опцион provides greenshoe опцион price stability to a security issue because the underwriter can increase supply and smooth out price fluctuations. Greenshoe options provide price stability and liquidity.

greenshoe опцион

Since underwriters receive their commission as a percentage of the IPO, they have the incentive to make it as large as possible. The prospectus, which the issuing company files with the SEC before the IPO, details the actual percentage and conditions related to the greenshoe опцион.

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Underwriters use greenshoe options in one of two ways. First, if the IPO is a success and the share price surges, the underwriters exercise the option, buy the extra stock from the company at the predetermined price, and issue those shares, at a profit, to their clients.

greenshoe опцион

Conversely, if the price starts to fall, they buy back the shares from the market instead of the company to cover their short positionsupporting the stock to stabilize its price. Some issuers prefer not to include greenshoe options in their underwriting agreements under certain circumstances, such as if the issuer wants to fund a specific project with a fixed amount and has no requirement for additional capital.

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